Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan and Save The Southern Tier Group Decries NYS Senator Tom Libous’ Fracking Ties and Calls on Senate Independent Democratic Conference for Leadership and to Protect Their Health

Friday, May 10, 2013
Contact: Isaac Silberman-Gorn, 607-296-8265,

Group Releases Letter Denouncing Senator Libous’ Conflict of Interest with Fracking, Libous’ Misrepresentation of the Southern Tier on Fracking, and Libous’ Vow to Prevent a Vote on Fracking Moratorium in the Senate

(Binghamton) – Following revelations that Senator Tom Libous has deep ties to fracking through business partnerships and major campaign donors, Save The Southern Tier – a network of individuals and organizations spanning the Southern Tier – released a letter denouncing Senator Libous’ ties to fracking and calling on the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) for leadership in the State Senate. Given that Senator Libous has vowed to block a common sense two-year fracking moratorium bill from coming to the Senate floor for a vote, the group called on the IDC for their leadership in bringing the moratorium to the floor for a vote and passing it.

The letter states, “As leaders in the New York State Senate, we respectfully implore you to bring the two-year moratorium on fracking bill to the Senate floor for a vote and pass it.  Our homes and the health of our families depend on it. With leadership comes responsibility, and that entails bringing the moratorium to the floor for a vote. Additionally, we ask that you denounce Senator Libous’ statements and his conflict of interest with the gas industry.”

Yesterday, Bloomberg News revealed that Senator Libous has personal relationships and a conflict of interest with fracking in the region as a result of connections with his business partners and major campaign donors who stand to financially benefit from fracking. This underscores that Senator Libous is neither objective nor a voice for his constituents on fracking. Indeed, the ties between Senator Libous and his previous business partner who stands to benefit significantly from fracking, Luciano Piccirilli, run deep including the at least $28,000 that Piccirilli has donated in campaign contributions to Senator Libous. This disturbing information builds on the fact that Senator Libous took $190,700 in campaign contributions from fracking and related industries in 2012 alone.

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan released this statement, “I’m outraged that the one Senator who has been given the most money from the fracking industry is stopping a two year moratorium that would require the state to do a comprehensive health study with public participation. We need the Senate leadership to step up on behalf of the Southern Tier and all New Yorkers to put our health and safety above the gas industry.”


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