Petition Against Southern Tier Secession

To the Upstate New York Towns Association:

The majority of Southern Tier residents do not support fracking and do not want to secede from New York State. You have egregiously misrepresented the the region's support for fracking, which needs to stop. We oppose fracking because it poses terrible impacts to our public health, our water, air quality, and our local economy. Independent polls show that the majority of Southern Tier residents oppose fracking, and we support Governor Cuomo's decision to ban fracking based on significant public health risks. We have seen the disastrous impacts of fracking across the border in Pennsylvania, including hundreds of cases of water contamination from well failure, rampant air pollution, sick residents, environmental destruction, high crime rates, and significant local costs. We are proud to call New York our home, and the Southern Tier does not want to secede.
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