Dear Governor Cuomo,

We call on you not to allow fracking in New York State’s Southern Tier or any other part of the state. The majority of residents in the Southern Tier do not want fracking, as demonstrated in recent polls, petitions, and at public events including town board meetings.

The best scientific research and data show that fracking cannot be done safely. Fracking threatens the health of our families and communities, as well as future generations.

Fracking is the wrong economic course for the Southern Tier as well as all parts of the state. At best fracking creates a few short term jobs, but at the expense of our community infrastructure, our property values and real estate industry, and the vitality of our environment and associated agriculture and tourism jobs. We urge you to use your influence to promote clean energy and efficiency jobs, and to support our long-term industries including agriculture, tourism, and small businesses.

Governor Cuomo, do not poison New Yorkers. Do not allow fracking.