Southern Tier Politicians Bought and Sold

Southern Tier politicians have not been representing their constituents. Starting in April 2012, resolutions expressing de facto support for shale gas drilling began quietly sneaking through municipal governments.

These resolutions were met with serious resistance from concerned residents who felt that their boards had sold them out and spoken for the town without their consent.

These dark-of-night resolutions have been mistakenly compared to the 150 bans and moratoria on fracking that are popping up across the state. The resolutions required no public input or comment, and were passed by boards with conflicts of interest. The conflicts of interest were so flagrant that that New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman took notice, and has challenged several boards on this illegitimate resolution.

These illegitimate and legally questionable resolutions cannot be used as an excuse to frack the Southern Tier of New York.

According to this Common Cause report, $400,000 in money from gas interests came pouring from outside the region into our local elections. Our elected officials are beholden to the gas interests, rather than we scientific majority of the people!