Thank you Artists Against Fracking

We express our thanks to Artists Against Fracking for taking a stand with us against fracking in New York State. For more than four years, an incredible grassroots driven movement has been fighting to get the truth out and prevent fracking. The grassroots movement, encompassing hundreds of groups that have formed around kitchen tables and in living rooms, has built a statewide movement and educated New Yorkers in every nook and corner of the state.

We have withered ruthless personal attacks from the gas industry and have had to fight against multi-million dollar misinformation propaganda and lobbying efforts to get the science and facts out and make our voices heard.

In this light, we extend our thanks to our celebrity neighbors in New York and all members of Artists Against Fracking for amplifying our voices and helping us break through the gas industry’s manipulation campaign.
Most recently, we appreciate that Artists Against Fracking took the media on a trip to see fracking in Pennsylvania firsthand and meet some of the victims of the practice. They met a number of the same outspoken victims of fracking whom we have known for years, and who sadly are among many, many victims of fracking.

Please consider joining our on-the-ground watchdog team. The watchdog team will carefully watch the gas industry both in New York and Pennsylvania and take to traditional and social media to make the truth heard. Just as Artists Against Fracking have utilized tradiational media, social media, and other creative means to get the truth out about the disastrous practices of the gas industry and fracking, the watchdog team will carefully watch the gas industry and work to expose the truth. Sign up coming soon. Thank you.